Uranium or Arsenic Mitigation in Connecticut

Uranium/Arsenic Mitigation

Homeowners need to check their well water often for signs of uranium or arsenic contamination. It can feel heartbreaking to find, but the sooner it’s tested for, the sooner we can handle it properly. These issues are often linked to different diseases and cancers, and you deserve to know what you’re drinking!

We can help you with testing and mitigation. Contact us today, and we can walk you through the steps. We can come out and test your water for you. Once we have the results, we can discuss your best options, if necessary.

Uranium and arsenic are mitigated using different methods. We find the most effective way for uranium is with Anion Exchange, which is the opposite of a standard softener, with Cation Exchange. This method is less hazardous and very efficient. Arsenic can be mitigated with the use of specially formulated media, depending on the amount.

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