Water Purification

Well water may contain minerals and heavy metals they may be harmful to you and your family (as well as the pipes and appliances in your home). Here at the Water Dr. LLC, we make sure we take the proper tests to check that. Once we have determined what contaminants are in your water, we can figure out the best possible way to eliminate them from your water.

The image to the right is a system recently installed in Redding, Connecticut. This system treats for hard water, iron and manganese. At the same time, they had high amounts of Uranium in the water. Once the system was in place, the contaminants were mitigated and the water was clean again.

Solutions To Common Well Water Contaminants…

At Water Doctor LLC, we specialize in the service and installation of all filters for your home. Once our team of professionals has installed your new filtration system, you can immediately begin enjoying healthier and better tasting water. We’ll see to it that your new system is up and running and functioning great.

Get the best water possible. If you want ultra pure and clean drinking water for your home, contact Water Dr. LLC. Locally owned and operated, we provide residential and commercial water filtration services that will take out any harmful minerals, acids, and bacteria in your well. We offer water testing for bacteria and even provide free testing for minerals.

Keep in mind that we service everywhere in Connecticut. From Greenwich to Stonington, From Wilton to Sherman. From Farmington to Dayville! You name the town and we will come out right away to figure out your problems.

Call Today If You Have Any Of The Following Problems…

  • Softeners (white staining)
  • Iron filtration Systems (brown staining)
  • Acid neutralizers (green staining, leaks)
  • Odors and Manganese (black staining)

  • Bacteria Treatments (E. coli and Coliform)
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Fluoride and Calcium Removal
  • Radon Reduction Systems
  • Uranium Reduction Systems

  • Arsenic Reduction Systems
  • Sand and Sediment (clogging sinks)
  • Lead Removal
  • Nitrates and Nitrites Reduction
  • Turbidity Adjustments