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Water Softener Services in CT

Did you know that hard water is the most common problem in the state of Connecticut? In fact, it’s also the most common installation we provide to Connecticut residents! That’s because when hard water is spotted or suspected, action to rectify the issue by an expert should be taken fast. Though there’s no direct threat to your health, hard water can lead to long-term issues in your home.

When ignored, hard water can lead to build-up in your pipes and plumbing, excessive soap scum throughout your home, a shorter lifespan of your appliances, and more. From quickly faded clothes to itchy dry skin, hard water affects your house in various ways, but luckily, it’s fixable!

With the right water softener, you can prevent these issues and stop hard water in its tracks, especially when you trust the experts at Water Dr. LLC.

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Free Quotes on Water Softeners

We have decades of experience in replacing and repairing water softeners in Connecticut and offer free quotes on our water softeners. If you suspect your home is dealing with hard water, our experts will come out, test your well water on the spot and give you our honest opinion about what to do.

Free Iron and Manganese Testing Too

Beyond tackling your hard water issues, softeners also do a great job with iron and manganese, which our experts can also test for free. We assure you that we’ll assess all your concerns and provide various solutions that will fit your needs. Give us a call to get your water tested today! Proudly serving the entire state of Connecticut, you can always expect to have a licensed professional on the other end.

If you have no water, don’t hesitate to call us at any time.

Our expert plumbers have years of experience with well pumps, both installation, and repair. We’ll have your water back up and running in no time.