Summer Well Maintenance Tips

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Summer Well Maintenance Tips

August 25, 2022

Tips to Maintain Your Well During the Summer

Your home’s plumbing should always be taken care of properly. If you have a well system, you should consider understanding how to maintain it. From the team of water technicians at Water Dr. LLC, here is a list of tips on well maintenance advice for the summer. Read on to learn more so that you can increase the longevity of your well.

Get Your Water Tested

During the summer, you may be working on some much-needed home improvement projects, and testing your water should also be on your to-do list. Ensuring your water has no dangerous contaminants could be paramount for your health. We recommend that you call a professional so they can run the proper water tests and provide treatment as needed. Testing your water regularly is the best way to guarantee that you always have safe drinking water.

Upkeep Your Yard

Although some beautiful flowers wrapped around your well are aesthetically pleasing, they might be contaminating your water. Trim those plants to avoid any leaves entering the well. Moreover, it is essential that you cut your plants to a reasonable height. If your garden is not maintained properly, animals and bugs will be intrigued, increasing the chances of bacteria and unsafe pollutants in your well system.

Prevent Pesticide Usage

Did you know that according to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, “homeowners use up to ten times more chemical pesticides per acre on their lawns than farmers use on crops”? You may get pesticides in your water supply when you use them to protect your plants around the well. Pesticides are full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to bugs and humans. We recommend spraying as far away if you need to use it.

Need Well Tank Services in Connecticut?

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