Troubleshooting Your Well Tank Issues

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Troubleshooting Your Well Tank Issues

August 24, 2021

How to Troubleshoot Well Tank Issues

There comes a time when your well tank may stop working when you least expect it. And while you are left without water in your home, don’t be frightened — it’s a common issue that many homeowners across the country have experienced. 

Before deeming that your well tank is indefinitely broken, the expert plumbers at Water Dr. are here to share a few common helpful troubleshooting tips should you find yourself in this situation.

Make Sure the Power is On

Sometimes, it’s possible that the power to the well switch was shut off by accident. Luckily, this is a simple fix — seek out the switch (typically, near the pressure tank) and check to see if it’s off. If it is, turn it back on, and everything shall resort to normal within a few minutes. If the switch is on, but you’re without power, examine the double-pole circuit breaker and see if it tripped.

Examine the Pressure Switch

One of the most critical pieces of the well tank puzzle is the pressure switch. The switch is the part that provides power to the well pump, which will fill the pressure tank with more water when needed. However, if this piece of equipment (which is attached to a tube next to the pressure tank) is broken or tarnished, it won’t correctly carry out its job — thus providing you with problems. 

While this is a simple fix, we recommend letting a professional take care of it since making the wrong move could be dangerous.

Peek at the Air Valve

On each well tank resides an air valve. This piece allows air into the tank when connected to a compressed air can or attached to a standard tire pump. However, if it’s leaking water or air, you could be causing the trouble you’re facing with your well tank. 

To see if your air valve is the problem, gently remove the plastic cap from the valve. Next, with a small screwdriver, very carefully depress the spring-loaded valve to release air. If you see water coming out of the valve, unfortunately, that means that the tank has ruptured, and it will need to be replaced altogether by the experts at Water Dr. LLC.

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